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  • Our experienced team of experts – unlike with the majority of our competitors, as a client of Schwartz Investment House, you receive personal service by one of our senior partners. We are proud of our insistence on being impeccable in our handling of all details of each transaction, and proud of our team’s dedication to giving our clients the peace of mind of knowing that we remain intimately involved throughout the process and devote all of our experience and expertise to their success.

    Our in-depth experience in orchestrating transactions – whether we are representing the seller or the buyer – is invaluable, since only an advisor who is fully cognizant of all of the considerations, interests and challenges facing the counterparty can give sound advice, resolve problems efficiently and guide the transaction to a successful closing.
  • Independent counseling – Schwartz Investment House is a private company operating solely in the best interests of its clients. By choosing Schwartz Investment House, you do not have to worry about the conflicts of interest that sometimes arise if you seek advice from larger financial institutions that are also providing trading, underwriting, brokerage and lending services. Our mission is to fill the urgent need for unbiased, sound advice from independent experts whose sole purposes are to provide objective, professional investment counseling and to design and execute customized investment strategies without any conflicting agendas.
  • Reputation – Schwartz Investment House has a proven track record of successes in discretely managing company acquisition and sale processes to achieve our clients’ financial and strategic objectives. The talented, dedicated team of professionals at Schwartz Investment House is renowned for its sharp insight into the complexities of multi-stage M&A transaction processes and for its capacity to think outside the box in order to formulate innovative solutions.
  • Focus – we focus solely on mergers and acquisitions. Unlike companies that provide a broad spectrum of products and services, we believe that in order to be the best in our field, our expertise must be deeply rooted and focused. Schwartz Investment House attracts clients who seek personal counseling and solutions for their mergers and acquisitions and who recognize that we are the experts in this field, in all of its variations and complexities.
  • Personal service – global solutions – Schwartz Investment House is a member of an international network of M&A specialists – Terra Corporate Finance Alliance, through which it has developed close working relationships with investment banks, international investments funds and foreign investors seeking to invest in Israel. Through this expansive network of connections, we provide our clients with the same level of personal and discrete service in other countries as well. We accompany our clients throughout the entire process and closely manage all details in conjunction with our colleagues overseas, who contribute their local expertise, knowledge and experience in the target country.
  • Extensive background and knowledge in a variety of traditional sectors – we believe that professional capabilities in the field of mergers and acquisitions, per se, are not enough to know how to steer a client to the optimal solution for him – it is essential for a good advisor to gain a deep understanding of his client’s business, its advantages, disadvantages, his competitors, operative market, and more. As a client of Schwartz Investment House, you benefit from the collective backgrounds of our entire team, who contribute their expertise, knowledge and experience to the mission of designing and executing the optimal solution for you.



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