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Economic and Strategic advisory services

Whether you need a business plan, valuation, fairness opinion or sound financial advice – you can count on us

One of our primary functions at Schwartz Investment House is to provide our clients with economic and strategic advice so that they make the right business decisions. Our clients rely on us to advise them as they try to contend with the uncertainties and challenges posed daily in the global competitive business arena – sometimes as part of our handling of a transaction for the client and sometimes as independent advisors, unrelated to any particular transaction:

Economic and strategic counseling

As a client of Schwartz Investment House, you may receive the following services:

  • Drafting of business plans for existing businesses, specific projects and new ventures
  • Valuations of companies, ventures and projects
  • Economic advice, including fairness opinions, as to the profitability of a contemplated transaction, venture or investment
  • Market analyses – research and compilation of information on the relevant market, analysis of the market forces (competitors, suppliers, entry barriers, etc.) and formulating conclusions for you
  • Preparation of strategic plans for business development, SWOT analyses, identification of business opportunities and feasible future development directions for the company.


A key component of any transaction and of M&A processes in particular, is the company valuation. Schwartz Investment House has vast experience and expertise in the preparation of valuations, primarily as transaction support tools.

We prepare valuations for companies in all traditional sectors, which usually include the following:

  • Strategic analysis of the company under evaluation (background, selling/production processes, its management, etc.)
  • Review of the macro-economic conditions under which the company operates
  • Review of the company’s operative market
  • SWOT analysis of the company (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Analysis of the company’s past financial results
  • Analysis of the company’s business development plans
  • Translation of the business plan into a projected operating cash flow
  • Company valuation according to generally accepted valuation methodologies (DCF, multipliers, enterprise value, etc.)
  • Analysis of benchmarks for similar companies in Israel and abroad.

Financing solutions

We cooperate with numerous financing entities, through which we offer a wide variety of financing solutions, whether as bridge loans until the closing of the investor/financing transaction, or as a complete solution for the financing requirements of the business:

  • Extending of bank credit lines
  • Financing for any purpose, against real-estate (including a secondary lien, release of real estate from a bank lien, etc.)
  • Specific financing for the purchase of machinery and equipment
  • Factoring – financing of import and export activities.              

We developed these financing solutions in response to the specific needs of our clients. Schwartz Investment House currently offers these financing solutions in conjunction with a number of experts with whom we have established close working relationships. Each financing entity contributes relevant extensive experience from its particular sphere of expertise.